What happens when you lock over 100 artists in an old bank on Kurfürstendamm? These 165 badass artists have turned the entire building into an gigantic and extraordinary experience, filled with art concepts stemming from an incredible amount of disciplines. Just leave life for what it is, put your phone into a bag, and immerse yourself in experiencing THE HAUS with all your senses.


Feel the atmosphere and allow the images to be burnt on your memory. THE HAUS was created to be destroyed – so make sure to seize the moment while you still can.


THE HAUS bangs. THE HAUS is absurd. THE HAUS will be legendary. We have created a temporary gallery in Berlin that will show you the transience of art by contrasting high-quality art concepts with irretrievable decay. Temporary literally means that it will go past and it will not come back. Never. So make sure to seize the moment while you still can.


In a time where people rather show pictures than actually talk about their experiences, THE HAUS is a multisensual experience that will be burnt into your memory. With a collective of selected artists and partners, THE HAUS makes up for a unique place in which there are neither boundaries nor borders.


Each artist received a room in which he was free to realise an amazing idea. He could even destroy the entire room if he wanted, as long as it would astonish those that see the final result. This is how THE HAUS became the BERLIN ART BANG – a isolated place filled with free minded people who have surrendered to the transience of it and merely aim to create a perfect moment. A moment that needs to be described, because a picture simply won’t be able to convey this feeling. [BACK]